Student Profile: Isabelle Tarran

By Amanda Cantale This podcast is about music and the connectivity that lends us all. Amanda Cantale focused on Isabelle Tarran’s life and how music has impacted her, through her participation in choir over the years and her songwriting career. It explores Tarran’s musical history, where she began and how she currently is.


Choosing Concentrations in IB Art

By Catherine Callahan The following podcast considers students in the IB Art program whose artistic concentrations are distinct and exemplify the institution of the IB Art concentration. Although concentrations might seem to restrict a diversity of artistic ideas, the students interviewed prove that concentrations not only encompass unique themes but allow a wide range of … Continue reading Choosing Concentrations in IB Art

Student Profile: Amanda Cantale

By Simone Bogedal Amanda Cantale’s life as an avid dancer and performer is explored through the 3 minute interview conducted by Simone Bogedal. Cantale’s beginnings as a dancer are explored, bringing up the eleven year dancing career she has had. During the interview, it becomes apparent that the community Cantale has built throughout so many … Continue reading Student Profile: Amanda Cantale

Student Profile: An 8th Grader’s Perspective on MHS

By Julia Niehoff In this podcast, Associate Editor Julia Niehoff and her sister, Erica, talk about high school and what she, an 8th grader, is worried about. They also do a 20 questions tag, in which they talk about coffee, what bothers them, and their favorite colors. Overall, this podcast is a bit messy but … Continue reading Student Profile: An 8th Grader’s Perspective on MHS