We Have a Film Class?

By Brian G. Crooker “We have a film class???” Yes. There is a West Morris Mendham High School Film class. And with already limited hours during which they can work on films in class, every once and awhile, students in Mr. Ward’s Film Class will get together on a Friday after school in the Library … Continue reading We Have a Film Class?


Student Profile: Isabelle Tarran

By Amanda Cantale This podcast is about music and the connectivity that lends us all. Amanda Cantale focused on Isabelle Tarran’s life and how music has impacted her, through her participation in choir over the years and her songwriting career. It explores Tarran’s musical history, where she began and how she currently is.

Taking NOTES on Mendham Vocal Ensembles

By Simone Bogedal Mendham’s many choirs continue to grow and improve during the 2017-2018 school year. The various vocal groups at Mendham have over a 200 members in total. Concert Choirs, Mendham Voices, Treble Makers, Unaccompanied Minors, Men In Black, Ladies in Red, Perfect 4ths and the Jazz Workshop make up the choral program here … Continue reading Taking NOTES on Mendham Vocal Ensembles

MHS Instagram Accounts Get that Followback

By Kelly Bierals Instagram has become a popular tool for the clubs and activities at Mendham High School. Less students are using Facebook, so student captains and leaders have turned to Instagram to get more people involved and advertise events. Many of the people running the accounts at Mendham say they love it. Adriana Cooper … Continue reading MHS Instagram Accounts Get that Followback