By Julia Niehoff

The murals in Mendham add personality to the school. Here, the artwork scattered all across the walls of WMMHS boost morale with their colorful depictions of diverse scenes. The collection of artwork within the school is a perfect example of the different cultures we try to explore here at Mendham, as well as the different people who have painted these walls.

The art program works tirelessly every year to produce at minimum one mural per year. Last year, they made the big “M, compete” art piece in the fieldhouse and the other was the sheep landscape. Without these pieces, the very nature of Mendham itself would be barren of color and life. These artists are now allowed to leave their mark on the walls of Mendham from here on out. Some of these murals have been here from the ’80s. It’s time we all look around and see the history of our school.

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