By Brian G. Crooker

“We have a film class???”

Yes. There is a West Morris Mendham High School Film class. And with already limited hours during which they can work on films in class, every once and awhile, students in Mr. Ward’s Film Class will get together on a Friday after school in the Library computer lab to get to work.

This work session is not only reserved to students in the class. Catherine Callahan, an associate editor for The Patriot, stopped by a recent meeting to only observe the session and get a feel for whether she would like to take the course next year. But that is simply not how Mr. Ward does things; any student present is going to be put to work. So Callahan was charged with going through all of Mrs. Crowther’s speech from the Red Bandanna Day back in September from every different camera angle and, on her judgement, take a note of the time and a description of what she might be saying at the moment so that it could be placed into the film.

Freshman Ben Rymer entered the room as soon as school ended and exclaimed “What can I do?”. Immediately following that question, he and senior Alex Yang immediately started working on trimming down voice over footage. Yes, that was a senior and freshman working together to achieve the same goal. That’s something that speaks to how this film class and Mr. Ward works. No matter who you are you can have a place in the Mendham film class.

See Mr. Ward with more information about how to get involved with the film program here at Mendham, and consider submitting to and/or attending the first annual MENDHAM FILM FESTIVAL!!!   


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