By Julia Niehoff

Last Thursday marked one of the richest traditions embraced widely among volleyball teams in High Schools across America. The “Dig Pink” Game is a fundraising game, in which the team as well as the parents of the players raise money for the Dig Pink foundation:

“The Dig Pink® Rally is The Side-Out Foundation’s October event that brings together volleyball players across the nation to raise funds for breast cancer research, demonstrate the power of teamwork, and show support for people with the disease. Money raised through Dig Pink®supports Side-Out’s game-changing cancer research and programs to develop the whole player.” – Side-Out Foundation

Dig Pink has long been a tradition in Mendham Volleyball. When the team is decked out in pink uniforms, ribbons, and socks, they remember those who have been lost to breast cancer and promise to support those who are currently affected.

The Volleyball team, however did not win against the same team that they lost to a week before in a thrilling 3-set match at Morris Hills. This Morris Hills game from last week was a county game, but Mendham is expected to go all in during states. Although this loss was bad, Mendham did make a statement in their win today.

Riddled with injury, the squad still shows up to play, currently with a record of 9-8, with sweeps against Watchung Hills and Chatham.

There is still a lot of volleyball to come this season and the team would appreciate it greatly if there were more students to come and cheer it on. It seems like almost every team has some sort of rowdy fan section, and Mendham would benefit from one, too. All games start at 4 pm, which could give you time to walk or drive to Wicker or wherever to get food, or even drive home. Volleyball is a fast game and super interesting to watch. It’s relatively easy to understand and the games are usually done in an hour. I suggest anyone reading this to consider to stop by with some Mendham pride and some friends too! 


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